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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Story quilt WIP / allergy attack

Over the years we have enjoyed having Miniature Schnauzers in our family. Three are riding in the hot air balloons, Fritz, Millicent and Bridgette.  Samantha and Taffeta are with us now and are sitting in front of the gate. They are all made of felted wool. All these pieces are just pinned on. Our grandchildren love to draw on the sidewalk. I will be adding their names to the sidewalk, but not sure how to replicate chalk. Each decision I make requires lots of changes!
We are having record heat in Oklahoma and drought. The sprinkler system in flower beds have kept everything alive but looking so burned. I usually can enjoy this porch all through the summer especially in the evenings, but not this year.
I spent 5 days with my middle daughter, working on 3yr old Payten's room, she now has a big girl bed. Her Strawberry Shortcake quilt is on bed with cupcake sheets and pillow cases and her nursery quilt is hanging on the wall. Her "Mimi" quilt, a 1930's reproduction pinwheel is folded on top of her toy box. I made a 24" bolster with fabric from her nursery valance and a really cute appliqued cupcake pillow trimmed with large rickrack and ruffles. I came home Friday with an allergy attack, and have been feeling too bad to sew. You know I am sick if I don't feel like sewing!!! LOL . Temp was 103 yesterday, that was my temp, the outside temp was 111 !!!!!!!!!!! No fever today, only a sore throat so I am encouraged, and hope to get in to my Dr. tomorrow. I have way too many things to do to waste time being sick.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Your Schnauzers are wonderful Colleen!!
    Sounds like your Payten has a room any little girl would love... 8-)
    Hope you are feeling better soon!!
    Keep cool!

  2. Your story quilt is amazing. It certainly tells a story about your family. I did a large piece that tells a story about myself, family and friends quite some time ago.


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