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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Story quilt day 8

This afternoon I worked on story quilt, adding my feet propped on the bench, and our 2 Mini Schnauzers. I have moved the furry girls all over, they are in front of the gate in this pic, but they may run around to find their favorite spot. I also made 2 more hot air balloons. They feature Alex and Payten's art! The lace angel under the arbor is my niece Jennifer who was killed in 2000 in an arson fire. I actually have a sweet angel - fairy statue in a planted birdbath in that corner. I wish I really had some capris as cute as the ones I created! I guess I also could have given myself a suntan but didnt! I will do some "planting" in the flower beds next. This is fun but soon I will have to take it all off to start sewing.

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  1. Your story is coming together quite nicely there Colleen!! Love it! You did a great job of your feet! Thought they might be tricky to do... 8-)


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