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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilt Along progress

 Thread Head Joanne has a fun Quilt Along, we are at 7 weeks now! Last week was Ohio Star and I made 8 blocks. This week I made 5 blocks
 The blocks in the last 2 vertical rows are weeks 6 and 7

Mosaic stack and whack

Stack and Whack

 Last weekend my Guild had a Stack and Whack workshop. Lots of fun and the blocks are great. Note the pic of the cats! So cute!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

THQA week 5 blocks

 Tuesday is my favorite day of the week! All because I am working on a Quilt Along with Joanne at Thread Head Blog! These little blocks are just 7 inches finished. This is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Joanne!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

THQA week 4

Joanne's Thread Head Quilt Along week 4. Thank you Joanne!!!

Thread Head Quilt Along

I have chosen a pretty floral paisley for the Quilt Along connecting triangles and now I have a stash of cheddars to add some sparkle to my blocks.

Alamo block for German Heritage Album

The Alamo is the last block for my German Heritage Album quilt. The rich history of Texas and San Antonio are a big part of my heritage. My mother grew up in San Antonio and all our vacations to visit my grandparents and great grandmother, aunts and cousins were centered around the historical Alamo and the Mission Trail. The Witte Museum, Breckenridge Park, The Japanese Tea Garden and The San Antonio Zoo are very fond memories. I did not know as a child that the day trips to New Braunfels took us to where Dietrich Knibbe brought his family in 1845. My Grandfather's Mexican heritage caused my grandmother to lose her citizenship when they married and it was very many years later in her life before she was able to regain it. True love for Louis Sotomayor and Ophie Gerfers was worth all the changes in her life. They had 5 children.
 The Yellow Rose of Texas always makes me think of my Mother now almost 91 years old. I will be adding Bluebonnets too! Her older sister age 95 still resides with family in San Antonio.
Sailing Ship "Brig Georg Dillus" with broderie perse floral swag. I used a script background for the focal block.
These blocks share information about the German Aldelsverein Society led by Prince Solms-Braunfels who purchased land in Texas for a New Germany to escape the hardships of Germany in the early 1840's. The Ship's name and Captains name and my great great great grandfather are on actual Ship's List and recorded here. The maps are Germany noting the Port of Bremen Germany and Texas as it was in 1845. The hardships of the voyage left my GGG grandfather a widower with a baby and due to running aground on a sandbar in Galveston Bay all heavy equipment and furniture brought to Texas had to be thrown overboard in order to continue to the Port of Indianola. No one met this ship and it's passengers, no supplies or lodging, the sorrowful Germans built huts of mud for protection from the elements and then faced the long journey to New Braunfels on foot.
The background fabric is a soft documentary Toile.
From Bremen, Germany in 1845 my ancestors have been revisited as I have used geneaology to create my own "Baltimore" aka German Heritage Album quilt. Every needleturn stitch has drawn me closer to my family history.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quilt Along 2012 week 2

The Quilt Along with Joanne Thread Head Blog is so much fun! New block today, pic soon!
thank you Joanne!