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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Story Quilt progress

All the elements in the story quilt are just pinned on, I am changing my drawing with additions and deletions! Happy so far! My feet will be last --- everything so far has been cut freehand with only my drawing for guidance. I will have to take everything off to do the fusible applique. But I think I will have to trace my feet. If you are wondering why my feet are going to be a part of my story quilt--- well, this is a view of my garden from my favorite chair on the porch. I sit with my feet on an outdoor foot stool. We have a wonderful old home built in the early 1900's and moved to this location in 1920. The porch in the story in facing the South and is between our living room and master bedroom, each room has a set of french doors going out to the porch. It is my quiet place sometimes and fun family place too! I really should get a cup of Earl Grey tea into this quilt because "hot tea on the porch" is one of my favorite things to do!


  1. What a wonderful quilt and sounds like a very relaxing view...

  2. Wow what a story you are telling there!! Very colorful!!! Love it Colleen!!! I had a peek at Mary-Lou's blog!! A very creative lady!! You have learned well from her book!! I think I may have to go and look for one for myself!!! 8-)
    Looking forward to the finish here!
    Happy stitchings!

  3. PS: Darling Mini Schnauzer Girls you've got there... 8-)


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