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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Almost finished!!!

"GIVE THANKS" Almost finished! Did lots of embroidery yesterday, not sure how much more to add. Then it needs to be lined. I love it!!! Working with wool is wonderful. Now to plan 6 designs for my dining chair pads! That is my goal to get done before Christmas.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Progress on "Give Thanks" penny rug

Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin is outstanding!!! She sent my wool so fast, I have already redone my pumpkin. I really enjoy wool applique.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wool Felt applique is addicting!!!

                Today's progress report -
I took the plaid pumpkin off and ordered another piece of wool to replace it. I have worked on it alot today. Just found out my precious middle daughter and her little family are moving away for her sweet husband to take another job. Going to Dallas area, only about 2 1/2 hours but my heart is breaking. Alex is 4 and my most precious little guy, his baby sister Payten 16 months is my adorable sugar baby darling girl. They stay with me several days a week and it is hard to imagine not seeing them every day. Their eyes light up when they see me and my heart takes an extra beat when I see their precious little faces. Yes I am having a pitty party!!! I deserve it--- My quilting and applique and blogging will help fill my days, looking forward to seeing them as often as possible on weekends. I had to bare my soul and thoughts to someone, so thank you  to those who follow my blog! I know we will all be fine, God has a plan and He knows our needs better than we do.
    My little sweetie pies!!! on Payten's Wizard of OZ quilt.                                                                               

"Give Thanks" Wool felt project

I did not like the plaid for the pumpkin on my "Give Thanks" penny rug. I have taken it off and ordered another piece of wool to replace it. A mottled wool in Pumpkin color. So funny because the plaid wool was my inspiration for the penny rug, but I knew when I saw the pic on my post that it had to come off. I bet many of you thought the same thing. New picture coming soon!!!

"Give Thanks" Penny Rug

This weekend's progress on "Give Thanks" Penny Rug. This is lots of fun!!! I love the feel of the wool felt, very relaxing to do while watching TV. All the large pieces are on, now lots of red berries in the lower right quadrant and a bunch of purple grapes hang on the left front of the cornucopia. Then 20 penny ovals around the edge with 3 layers of pennys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wool Felt Applique "Give Thanks"

Winterberry Cabin woolens - Phyllis at WC is very helpful - I will definitely shop with her again!!!
This pic is my first wool felt project, I have traced my applique patterns onto freezer paper. I love to learn something new!!! I will post progress.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wool Penny Rug - new project

Yesterday I received my package from Winterberry Cabin. My order included a pattern for a Give Thanks Penny Rug 21" x 26". I chose my woolens to create a brighter version than is shown on pattern to go with my decor.
I am soooooo excited to begin. I have seen so many beautiful woolen quilts and applique on blogs this past month. My curiosity got the best of me and now I am going in a different direction.
I have only one quilt to finish, the Magic Stack and Whack top is done,.Don't know if I will hand quilt it or machine quilt. Also, Joe's Wizard of OZ needs to go to the machine quilter.
Not very many UFO's here as I need to see a finished product to verify spending the $$$ on fabric. LOL but it is true.
I will post a pic of the lovely hand dyed woolens and pattern soon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Grandma's Friendship Blocks" quilt is finished!

Today I finished Grandma's Friendship Block quilt. I have been hand quilting for several weeks while my husband was in the hospital after surgery, followed by complications and during recouperating time at home.
I really enjoyed hand quilting again and love the look and feel of this quilt.
My mother in law made the blocks in the early 1940's, we found them after her death in 2003. What a treasure --- I used 1930's reproduction fabrics "Snippets" to make my log cabin border. They look really nice with the vintage fabrics.
My oldest daughter will receive this one and then it will go to her only daughter.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I found Sunbonnet Sue!!!

She was hiding over at HGTV Share Your Quilts. If you haven't looked at quilts there, take some time and discover some more very talented quilters.
The Pattern is Old Fashioned Sunbonnet Sue - BA0042. I found the pattern at Colonial Crafts for 10.00.
My little Payten Hope will have a new quilt for Christmas! This will be fun to make using seasonal fabrics for all her dresses and hats!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Searching for Sunbonnet Sue - Seasons quilt

Last week I saw a Sunbonnet Sue quilt where she was elaborately dressed and decorated for each month of the year. One block she was dressed in green wool coat and hat trimmed with fur. I can't remember whose blog I saw it on. If it was yours, please respond so I can see it again. It is truly a work of needle art!!!

No sewing for a month - I have been hand quilting my Grandma's Friendship Blocks quilt for my oldest daughter Shannon. I will do the binding today and then in the washer and dryer. I will post a picture when all finished.
During the past month since Dale's colon surgery and complications, he was back in the hospital. He is doing really well now, gets drain tube out tomorrow. He did try to play 9 holes yesterday but was exhausted and rested all afternoon and evening.
Last week I was stricken with either a vicious viral bug or the flu, while recovering I did a lot of browsing throught the quilt galleries and blogs.
That is how I had the time to look at  so many talented quilters and their work. Sunbonnet Sue please respond!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Mother's Memories of "GONE WITH THE WIND"

My Mother, Dora has written her memories of seeing GONE WITH THE WIND in 1939, she was 18 years old at the time.

When "GONE WITH THE WIND" made it's first appearance on the screen at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas I had just graduated from High School.

Here we are seventy years later and I am two months shy of eighty eight years old.

I was 18 years old at the time, experiencing emotional feelings running wild. I felt I was the "Scarlett" on the screen and the "Melanie" who stepped back holding in her emotions, because I was a lady.

Knowing the movie was four hours long I took a bag of grapes to eat during intermission.

I lived and relived those scenes over and over again. When the movie was over and time to leave the theatre my eyes were swollen and I had to stay until I recovered and could go out on the street again.

I saw the movie about four times before I saw it all, because I cried so much.

Today I can see it and I am not affected - I wonder why? I guess seventy years of living counts for something.

Words of Dora Sotomayor Kirk born October 21,1921