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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dresden Flower Garden gets a makeover!

My latest project - Dresden Flower Garden gets dressed up! Look back to find the original posts for this project. I loved this quilt when I finished the top a few weeks (months?) ago. After displaying it for Show and Tell I carefully folded it up waiting to attach borders. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
I suppose I must have been dreaming about huge flowers because something made me want to jazz Dresden Flower Garden up. What to do???
I pieced hoochey mama flower pots ala Mary Lou W. Then thought I could trim out a single dresden flower above each flower pot. That is where I started making prairie points, I was in a prairie point frenzy. Sewed them on top with a double fold lime print to cover the raw edges. Oh my goodness
I could not miter the corners of the dresden flower sections so I hurriedly just worked my way around the six huge flowers.
The result!!!!!!!!! very dimensional points, looks amazing from a side view. I am adding a wild border on the remaining 3 sides it is a large floral with a leopard print background.
I know I must seem crazy to a lot of people but I am loving this bright happy collage!!!