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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Ties that Bind

This week while I wait for fabric to arrive I have been spring cleaning! I know, dont be shocked or faint and fall down. This is the third day - something just got hold of me and made me WANT to clean! Do you think it might be knowing how many fabrics I am waiting for? Perhaps I can absolve myself when the credit card bill comes by having spent this much time to make our home sparkle. Also, to free up my time for gardening as these spring days become warmer. The quilts I am working on for my nieces are turning out so pretty, just like them, each beautiful in their own way, yet having traits (colors) that link them all together. The quilt I made for their Mother was all Batik so I am using Batiks for theirs also, hoping to intertwine at least one fabric in all their quilts. A Family Binding! Holly, Shana and Paige are very special to me and I want to give them a family heirloom to help connect and reconnect them with their Mother. Blessed be the ties that bind!!!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Binding they're quilts together with the same fabric.....what a good idea...and what a great gift you are giving them all.God Bless Trish

  2. your really trying to hide fabric, so when the new shipment comes your husband won't be 2 upset.. lol.. I am only joking.
    Good for you. I did that looking for my bank card.. now the room is a mess again..ugh.
    I mess it up, then clean it, and then it messes itself up.


  3. What a great idea -I mean the linked quilts, although the cleaning is also good!! ♥


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