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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quilt Slideshow

Today I have added a slideshow to my blog. All the quilts I have made since Oct 08 are pictured. The 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of OZ was my inspiration to start quilting again after 20 yr. I have entered all 10 of my Wizard of OZ quilts in the contest by Quilting Treasures and Fons and Porter Quilting Magazine.
Quilting has encouraged me to create this blog, hence my choice for the blog name. I have met so many amazing quilters whose creativity is such an inspiration to further my love of fabrics and color. Thank you to all who post your quilt blogs on Quilterblogs.com and all who are so gracious to take time to leave comments on my blog. Every day I take time to look at new posts and am rewarded with the quilts you share.
 Happy National Quilting Day!!!


  1. Your slide show is a great idea! You have created so many beautiful quilts. ♥

  2. I just watched your slide show and enjoyed seeing the quilts you have made. I liked the "Oz" fabric very much when it came out but I never bought even one inch of it! You made lots of interesting quilts with the fabric.


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