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Friday, April 22, 2011

My wonderful day with Payten Hope

My grand daughter Payten Hope is almost 3 yrs old, this is the first time she has stayed without her brother Alex age 5, except for when she was a little thing.
We were up late last night so I showed her how to marinate a beef brisket at midnight --- hahaha --- went through each step and she was so awake and attentive. This morning she woke early to tell me the dogs were out of their taxis. PaPaw always plays with them before going to work, they knew she was here and I was sleeping in a different bed so they were really sniffing at the closed door. So we got up at 7 AM --- after breakfast we spent some time in the garden playing and taking pics, swinging on the new porch swing etc.
After a picnic lunch on the porch, peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fresh fruit and peach tea, we both had a very SHORT nap. But short is better than no nap at all.
The last picture is Payten Hope being so proud of Mimi because I learned to work the DVD player in the bedroom with the toybox and rocking horses. I painted the rocking horses for her Mommy and KK in 1984, they were 5yr and 1 yr old. They are 32 and 28 now. My how time does fly!
Well the brisket is in the oven this afternoon for 6 hrs, the whole family will be here Sunday for Easter lunch and birthday celebrations for 2 oldest grandchildren, Cody Dale 18 and Abbey Colette 13.
I praise Almighty God for the wonderful life and many blessings he has given me.
I will be sewing and quilting again next week after this time with my darlin jelly bean Payten Hope and family.
Happy Easter
and Happy Quilting,

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