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Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging faster now & Easter cupcakes

Before making the changes in my blog (because I lost the old look trying to make a little change) My computer was so S L O W ---getting connected to my blog. Everything else was fast as normal, only my blog was slow. Now that I have removed all the gadgets etc from Shabby Blogs ( which I loved so much!) I can get to my blog really fast and move around in there with ease.
Last week I was frustrated with having to redo my blog, this week I am happy with it and so grateful that I can get right to it !!! Someone mentioned that the gadgets etc can slow it down, thank you blogger for that information because blogging is much more fun now!
I am starting the FMQ Challenge that Wendy and Joanne started, 14 consecutive days of free motion quilting! I will post later.
Happy Quilting,
Happy FMQ!
              The Bunnies are serving cupcakes!


  1. May I have one? They look delicious!

  2. A happy accident with your blog - amazing how life works.
    Have fun quilting.♥

  3. I like your background and I do have trouble going to blogs that have lots of gadgets and lots of post to open on ther first page. Are the bunny fighting over the cup cake. They are cute Trish


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