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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watermelon Baskets table square

The Watermelon Baskets table square is for my Guild's Holiday Festival. This one represents Summer, I am working on a Fourth of July table runner and a Christmas patriotic table square, I will post them soon. Friday and Saturday I will be sewing at a workshop where our Guild members are all working on items for the Festival.

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  1. Colleen, I just clicked on your blog after seeing that you are follower of mine. Anyhooo, I was scanning over your beautiful quilts and noticed this watermelon one. BTW it is very nice, but I remember that watermelon fabric from many years ago. Hmmmm, should I admit it....I used that exact fabric (circa 1990) for a skirt! Yes a gathered at the waist skirt, needless to say that was when I had a waist. Now-a-days, not so much! Wouldn't want to put watermelons anywhere on my body (don't need any LARGE ideas). Let's just say IT LOOKS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER ON YOUR QUILT!!! ☺


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