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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold winter fix for drafty windows

 Covered the small window with fake fur, really uptown window coverings! Opposite windows on North have 2 layers Warm and Natural and one  quilt top.

Well all you quilters out there is the brutal winter weather will love this pic! My quilting workroom is upstairs  garage apartment 3 rooms with lots of windows, wonderful in the spring and fall, but this weather has forced me to find a solution to the wind chill factor. I have hung layers of warm and natural batting over the windows, still get enough light. It has helped a lot, the triple bay area is covered with batting that I pieced together so it looks like a hodgepodge but what ever works!!!
Even wearing my cotton quilting gloves to stay warm.
I am machine quilting the Bohemian blended quilt with a flannel backing so that is helping to keep me warm too. Taking a break to make beef stew for dinner and a dessert with sugar free ingredients. Then back upstairs to sew.
By the way I didnt add that I have to go outside to the garage to sew upstairs. That metal lock on the door sure is cold!!!
Happy Quilting and stay warm


  1. I find this interesting as I am sitting here freezing in my sewing room! I have big wooly socks on my feet but they are still cold, so I went and put my cowgirl boots on ! Much better! Happy Quilting!

  2. Wow! That's quite the sewing area! Too bad it is so cold.♥


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