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Friday, November 5, 2010

Custom quilting - Raffle Quilt

An amazing gentleman from our quilt guild volunteered to do the quilting on the raffle quilt.I took some closeup pics to share.
 He replicated my poinsettia flower in all the red log cabin sections
 and echoed around the holly leaves
Outline quilting on the scenic prints really brought them to life. The thread was  variegated with green, gold and tan. PERFECT CHOICE!!!

I must say I was nervous sending my original design out to be quilted. He used a long arm quilting machine at our local quilt store. All I asked was to use the holly and berries in the quilting. Duane is a very creative free motion quilter.I never could have succeeded with the large scale of the designs in the red log cabins. I tend to free motion quilt on a small scale.
Thank you Duane for your meticulous and creative quilting!!!


  1. Was the quilting done on a machine. I am assuming so. It is very well done.

  2. Just beautiful...know you are excited about this finish.

  3. Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Are you going to allow all of us in blogland a chance to buy raffle tickets? I'd DEFINITELY buy a chance to win your beautiful creation. Are you going to share the pattern in a future tutorial? dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


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