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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cornerstone Early Head Start quilts

 The Cornerstone Quilters class started in July, we sewed through the hot summer months and into early fall. My beginner quilting class had 14 members from age 85 down to 12, actually 3 young teens! 3 members other than myself had quilting experience so lots of beginners, mother /daugther and grandmother/ granddaughter couples. Actually Abbey had both grandmothers in the class!!! and a very special GREAT Aunt, my sister, Janeen - LUCKY GIRL!!! I taught one block each class and we surrounded center panels with each members blocks. My first time to teach a quilting class. I wrote instructions and precut all the pieces to save time. We met 3 Mondays and 1 Saturday a month. The Saturday classes were intense teaching rotary cutting, squaring blocks, construction and layering. Also we brought our lunches and food and fellowship and lots of laughs! I machine quilted and bound all the quilts. We chose a bright primary color palette without knowing what the Head Start program would be providing for the play areas. These fabrics worked out perfect for all the equipment. You can't miss my granddaughter Abbey, age 12 in the flower bounce!

 The floor quilt for the infant area was made with our left over blocks from all the quilts!

 The murals were painted by high school art classes. Also no color planning with the quilts! God's hand again!!!

 Our first quilt with 4 patch and double 4 patch has all the names embroidered in the solid squares with a heart machine quilted around each name, Our logo in the center square. All the ladies enjoyed finding their names.

This week our church quilting group "Cornerstone Quilters" celebrated the Open House for Early Head Start. The quilts our group made will decorate the building and warm up the surroundings for 8 children and infants under 3 yrs. old. We had an enthusiatic crowd and refreshments provided by the ladies of First Presbyterian Church. Here are a few pics, I missed one special quilt, The Hot Air Balloons, so I am including an unfinished pic. It hangs on the wall at the entrance.
This project was quite a quilting success, many new friends were made and there were several precious ladies vying for TEACHERS PET. My sister Janeen won that contest, as always, my life in enriched when we work on something together.
Thank you, GOD for this outreach mission opportunity !

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  1. I have never took any classes....they sound like something I would enjoy...so good of you to take the time for this....the teens will always remember you for this...and they will most likely always be quilter. Trish


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