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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Grandma's Friendship Blocks" quilt is finished!

Today I finished Grandma's Friendship Block quilt. I have been hand quilting for several weeks while my husband was in the hospital after surgery, followed by complications and during recouperating time at home.
I really enjoyed hand quilting again and love the look and feel of this quilt.
My mother in law made the blocks in the early 1940's, we found them after her death in 2003. What a treasure --- I used 1930's reproduction fabrics "Snippets" to make my log cabin border. They look really nice with the vintage fabrics.
My oldest daughter will receive this one and then it will go to her only daughter.


  1. Hi Colleen. Thanks for visiting me. About the rag quilts...yes, applique your design first on a square block. Then add the block into the quilt. I did this on a very large quilt I made before. Looked great. Thanks again for stopping by! ♥niki in az♥

  2. I love, love that quilt. What a wonderful treasure to have! I bet your mother in law would be so grateful that you finished it!

  3. This is such a beautiful quilt! You honor your Mother in law so well, gorgeous the way you finished it.

  4. This turned out so beautifully. Such a wonderful find. You are so patient to hand stitch, but as you said it was theraputic as well.
    I just love the colors and patterns!

  5. This is so gorgeous. I love the colors! Twyla


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