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Sunday, August 29, 2010

scalloped binding

Pam asked in her comment how to do the scalloped binding. I cut my 3" strips on the bias, folded in half to create a double thickness. I clipped each scalloped high point 1/4" and mitered the binding. I sew my binding from back to front all on sewing machine with a 3/8" seam and topstitch the binding to the front edge of quilt. I also put a binding on the seam that connects the reverse sham to the top of quilt. I used the backing fabric for binding  and underside of the reverse side so the entire quilt is reversible.
Pam also asked for a closeup pic so I found one with the center (top of bed before it was quilted and the sides and sham were added.
For those who arent familiar with a reverse sham. the pillows lay on top of quilt and the sham folds over pillows from the back.. If needed I can take a pic of quilt off the bed so you can see the construction.
In this pic you can see the pillow case inside the second scallop, I had to adjust the pillow so it won't show. This quilt is from book Blended Traditions by Marsha McCloskey.
Happy Quilting, Colleen

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