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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blended medallion king size quilt

I havent posted in a long time, I finally got time to work on my king size blended medallion quilt. The edges will have a large scallop. My original plan was to add a reverse sham to the top also with scalloped edge, but I am rethinking that now., Don't want to cover up too much of the square. Today I will play with that idea and see what happens. It fits the bed beautifully and I love it. The side and end drops were machine quilted separately then attached to top square. Top square is 82" and quite a challenge to machine quilt on my Bernina. The green toile is washed linen so it is a heavy quilt.
My beginner quilting class at church is going very well, we are making quilts to decorate the walls of the Early Head Start building . Ages birth thru 3. We began July 12 and have finished 6 quilt tops. With almost all beginners and my first time to teach I decided to precut and teach one block each week. Having a large class has been exciting because we have finished enough blocks to surround center panels each week. I will post pics soon. Lots of bright colors, hot air balloons with log cabin block borders, Alphabet panel surrounded by shoo fly blocks and lime green polka dot sashing, of course a Wizard of Oz yellow brick road quilt, a disappearing 9 patch, a circus panel with rail fence blocks and zebra sashing, and a tropical fish with 4 patch and double 4 patch blocks, some solid squares will have all the names of the quilters and the center bright yellow block with say First Presbyterian Church, Cornerstone Quilters and have a Christian fish symbol. We will be making a floor quilt with our orphan blocks and my leftover bug fabrics.
Also I have been on jury duty for 2 weeks, that has cut into my quilting time but that ends today. The weather in Oklahoma has gone from blistering heat to cool days, it won't last long but maybe no more days over 105!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. WOW! That is just a whole lotta real estate to have quilted!

    What a sneaky idea to do the top & drops separately, then join together .. I love it! With the top piece along being 82", that alone would have been huge even for a longarm machine. I doubt any longarm quilter could have fit the top *plus* the drops .. so what a clever, clever idea!

    I *love* how it turned out. What wonderful colors, layout and design placement! Although I'm thinking it went together quickly with all those big pieces of fabric, I'm sure it FELT like Forever. :-)

    What a wonderful quilt! You should feel so doggone proud of yourself ... give yourself a HUGE pat on the back! Well done!


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