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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting ready for quilt show

Entries for our guild quilt show had to be turned in May 17, the show is June 25 -26. I turned in 2 entries that I hadnt even started. So last weekend I went into panic mode, had company for grand daughters 2nd bday. When everyone went home Sunday I got busy and made my Bug Jar quilt for my great nephew Reece 5 yr old. Sewed all day Monday and Tues afternoon and evening. Machine quilted it this  morning. Then did my layout for the last Wizard of Oz quilt 6th in my series. Sewed it together this afternoon. I need to get my batting and backing.
Next I have to make hanging sleeves for 19 quilts and handsew them on. My Mother has agreed to help me with the handwork. Also I have to make labels for all of them.
I must be crazy to put myself through this. I just joined the guild and they won't have another show for 2 yrs so I want to show as many as I can. We should have over 150 quilts. Looking forward to helping with the show.
Happy Quilting!


  1. A Colleen
    Reece's quilt is adorable. I just know he will love it!
    Love, Holly

  2. My goodness at the energy you have woman...I really wish I could do half of what you do...don't blame you for wanting to show at many of your quilts as you can...thay are all lovely. God Bless Trish


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