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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feathered Star quilt is finished!

New pics today with my camera, I think I have been lazy taking pics with my phone, these show the color so much better!

Yesterday I finished quilting my Feathered Star quilt. I made it to fit my dining table, it is the first quilt I have ever made for my table! For anyone who has not followed my blog, I took a workshop with Marsha McCloskey on March 28. Our guild had about 16 members in the workshop. That evening Marsha gave a slide presentation on Feathered Stars. She shared her many quilts with us in person and in slide show. What a treat to see her amazing works of art in person! On my Facebook profile page I have added an album of pics start to finish. Marsha has also added one of my first pics of the finished flimsy on her Facebook page, THANK YOU, MARSHA.


  1. It looks fabulous! Well done Colleen!

  2. You may like taking her class but I bet you could teach her a thing or two...you have so many beautiful quilts this is just another one of them...I do like the colors too. Trish

  3. Your quilt is wonderful Colleen! Lots of time an effort into that one! Great combo of fabrics/colors!! Good for you! 8-)


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