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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feathered Star block / Marsha McCloskey workshop

My block from the Marsha McCloskey workshop. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from Marsha, you will have an amazing experience.
The plan for feathered star quilt is an organized scrappy blended effect with blocks of different sizes. In the workshop we learned to draft a feathered star so any size is possible, starting with the size of the feather triangle/square. This block began with a finished 1" feather. The inside block is 15". I chose the alternate setting with the added border for a medallion center. I will use Marsha's book Pieced Borders and build my design as I go.
This is the way I really like to work, creating as I go. Of course there is the disadvantage of using up my favorite fat quarters and wishing I had more of a fabric, not knowing what it was or where to buy more. That is what organized scrappy is all about!!!

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  1. Very Nice!!! I like it. My friend Molly at www.sewhappy10000.blogspot.com has been a tester for Marsha. She taught out small group the feathered star one weekend -- I loved it and can't wait to make another. I would love to be able to take a class from Marsha!


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