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Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Bug Jar quilt - for Alex

Alex will be 5 in October, he got his b-day quilt early! I added a spider web to this one and changed one jar to a fishbowl! Next I want to make one with candy jars and one with fruits and vegetables. SOMEDAY!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toile blocks are remade

I worked yesterday taking the brown and teal toile quilt apart --- I couldn't leave the toile scenes sideways!
Each square block of toile is remade after cutting the corners off the squares and adding blended fabric triangles to the opposite sides to make a NEW square. Actually the blended triangles help to create an interesting addition to the Stepping Stones pattern. This is from the new book Blended Traditions by Marsha McCloskey.
As you can see the borders are not sewn, I received a new piece of brown floral yesterday that I might add for another border. That will be next week.
I teach my beginner quilting class today at church and Monday night. 14 of us altogether, only 3 have quilting experience. The beginners are doing a great job, we are making quilts to decorate one of our buildings that will be the new home for Early Head Start, ages birth - 3
I will take pics and post soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blended quilt with medallion center

This week I have made this medallion blended quilt top, using the book Blended Traditions by Marsha McCloskey. The green background for the medallion is a linen toile (washed). I have been collecting fabrics for a series of blended quilts. I am thinking of adding 12" borders of the red fabric and scalloping the edge to use on our bed. If I do I will add a reverse sham at the top to lay over pillows. So many decisions!
 The first blended quilt was the English Tea Party that I made for my great niece Daniella.
You will find a pic on a previous post.

The second is in brown and teal toile, I love these colors. I cut my toile squares from the teal not thinking about the diagonal setting. LOL they are all "wonky" and not on purpose, I have not decided if I will recut and replace them. What would you do??? I really would like some of your ideas!
More to come!!! I have fabrics enough for 6 quilts in all, some will be gifts.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bernina 430

This week my sweet husband bought me a new sewing machine, a Bernina 430. I have been sewing with Bernina for 30 yr. with a used 830 ( which my daughter has now) and then a used 930 ( I will save it for youngest daughter )
My first sewing machine was a Sears Kenmore with zig zag, paid $58.00  in a cabinet in 1968. After having the 2 used Bernina's this is my first brand new Bernina.
I can hardly believe how effortless free motion quilting is with the needle down function. I will receive free guide classes to explore all the wonderful things to learn about the 430. I did not get the embroidery package at this time to keep cost down. Who knows I may add it someday.
Right now I am amazed by the needle threader, thread cutters and auto bobbin winder. I am so grateful that Dale realizes how much this means to me, he will wait to purchase new golf clubs at a later date.
Many of you sew on updated machines all the time, I feel like my 930 is a relic!!!
Thank you to my local Bernina dealers, who are always a joy to work with and learn about my new computer sewing machine.

Friday, July 2, 2010

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