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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toile blocks are remade

I worked yesterday taking the brown and teal toile quilt apart --- I couldn't leave the toile scenes sideways!
Each square block of toile is remade after cutting the corners off the squares and adding blended fabric triangles to the opposite sides to make a NEW square. Actually the blended triangles help to create an interesting addition to the Stepping Stones pattern. This is from the new book Blended Traditions by Marsha McCloskey.
As you can see the borders are not sewn, I received a new piece of brown floral yesterday that I might add for another border. That will be next week.
I teach my beginner quilting class today at church and Monday night. 14 of us altogether, only 3 have quilting experience. The beginners are doing a great job, we are making quilts to decorate one of our buildings that will be the new home for Early Head Start, ages birth - 3
I will take pics and post soon.

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  1. Wow! It looked good to me....but if you couldn't live with it you had no other choice. Trish


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