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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blended quilt with medallion center

This week I have made this medallion blended quilt top, using the book Blended Traditions by Marsha McCloskey. The green background for the medallion is a linen toile (washed). I have been collecting fabrics for a series of blended quilts. I am thinking of adding 12" borders of the red fabric and scalloping the edge to use on our bed. If I do I will add a reverse sham at the top to lay over pillows. So many decisions!
 The first blended quilt was the English Tea Party that I made for my great niece Daniella.
You will find a pic on a previous post.

The second is in brown and teal toile, I love these colors. I cut my toile squares from the teal not thinking about the diagonal setting. LOL they are all "wonky" and not on purpose, I have not decided if I will recut and replace them. What would you do??? I really would like some of your ideas!
More to come!!! I have fabrics enough for 6 quilts in all, some will be gifts.


  1. Such pretty quilts! Unless it'll be used as a wall hanging, I think I would leave the 2nd one as-is if it's going to be used as a throw. I love your Schnauzer girls ... they're adorable! Thanks for becoming a follower, and count me in as one of your new fans, too!

  2. Very pretty. I snuck in a few minutes, going through withdrawals. I love your new quilts.
    The medallion one caught my eye..Exquisite.
    Thank You for the nice comments you leave me. They really mean a lot to me.

  3. I think I have some of that toile. Your use of the fabric is very good. I have been trying to decide what to do with mine.

  4. They are both beautiful! Love the fabrics!
    I think the same as Rita. I would only change the toile blocks if it is going to be a wall hanging. I think it looks great and adds visual interest.

  5. You have good taste in your fabrics love the flowers and toile used together with the red...it is a really pretty quilt. Trish

  6. Love them! Especially the blended quilt. I was fortunate enough to take a class from Marsha McCloskey. She is a great teacher.
    Linda in Oklahoma


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