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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oklahoma Ice Storm

Hello from the Oklahoma ice storm. We were hit by ice last week on Thursday, 5 days without power. These pics were taken before limbs started breaking from the weight of the ice. So many trees damaged and some uprooted in our town. One town 10 miles north got hit the hardest, still no power there. Many repair crews from out of state are here to help restore power, putting up new poles etc. Thank you to all who have come to our rescue. This weekend starts the great chainsaw brigade to cut all those large limbs for removal. Spring can't come soon enough for me, with all the snow and ice we have had such a wet winter. I am looking forward to see what all that winter moisture does for my garden.
Staying warm and cozy with a quilt sure does have a new meaning to all of us here!

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  1. Thank´s Colleen for the follow . It is terrible how the storm has damage that beautiful tree. It is good to look forward to summer. we here in Iceland we have had a good winter, I thank God for it.


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