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Monday, November 9, 2009

Folk Art Sampler

This week I have added the final ( I think) flowers to my basket. Also, gave my crooked basket a makeover! This is looking more like my original design, see drawing on former post.
I have been working on this applique through 2 months of being sick with all kinds of respiratory junk, asthma, flu and undiagnosed stomach issues. 2 rounds of Tamiflu. Gallbladder ultrasound no stones, scheduled for gallbladder scan Nov 20 to see if it is functioning at all. Seeing my pulmonologist Thursday.
I love doing handwork again, lets me rest while giving me something to keep me busy!
This is a big project with no deadline, unusual for me. Most of the time I put myself under pressure to finish projects. No quilting for Christmas gifts this year. I might do some small wool applique for gifts, but they are fast for me.


  1. Looks great. Sorry you're not feeling well.

  2. Wow this looks really wonderful....great work.

  3. Your work is beautiful, Colleen - so much colour! Really enjoyed my visit here, and seeing Bridgette, Samantha and Taffeta Jabot.
    Karen in Nova Scotia

  4. Oh Colleen - your sampler is Beautiful!!!! Hope you are feeling better I have been sick too, with asthma - not fun! Hugs, Mary


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