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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drapery project!

 I havent been quilting for a few weeks because!!!

This last month I have set aside my quilting and poured all my energy into making new draperies for my living room. I have 2 sets of triple windows and a set of french doors. 58 yds drapery fabric, 30 yds drapery lining, 46 yds of decorative trim. In the good old days I had a custom drapery design business with my sister. The old ones I made in 1998 so it was really overdue to make a change. The new fabrics give more of a French country flair. I think there is a pic on this blog of the green floral draperies, swags  and sheers.
New rods should be here soon. I left old rods us so I could see the finished draperies

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