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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quilting on Bernina frame

This is my second try at this quilt, the first was AWFUL so i took it all out with seam ripper and re did  it trying to work in sections within the small amount of room to quilt each path across the quilt. My first try I did several freemotion designs that I enjoy but learned that the overall quilting wasnt the look I wanted for this batik quilt. So I did loopy flowers on the borders, e's and l's in the blue border and no navy thread across the inside gold border. I did have trouble sizing the designs within the blocks but that will come with practice. So far I have not trimmed so the mood may strike me to take all this out and start over again. Stay tuned for whatever update happens!!!

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  1. It's looking good! I love batik fabric. It's one of my favs. The quilt it beautiful. You'll master it quick as a wink!


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