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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Story quilt

My current project is a sketch of my story quilt. No! I dont know what I am doing!!! but I usually dont! My quilts always start with a drawing of something in my head and proceed to be worked out as I go. I purchased Mary Lou Weidman's book " Out of the Box " a few months ago with the goal of making a story quilt. I decided to stop being afraid of starting so I took my sketch to my local stationary store and had my enlargements made. I have them all taped together and like the size.
 Next I will re-design the elements into more folk style whimsical shapes ( remember I have no idea if I am doing this right or not!!!) the one thing I know is I will be as decorative as possible, trying to recreate the scene from my favorite chair on my porch in my "Secret Garden".
Flowers and birds and bees etc, plus dresden flowers and pinwheels representing my sweet grandchildren. Chalk grafiti is always on the sidewalk with their names.  My favorite phrase " I love you a bushel, a peck and a hug around the neck", will also be included.
My fabrics are all stacked and waiting to make my first "Hoochie Mama" blocks. The instructions in the book look interesting. Bright colors and lots of contrast and polka dots and plaids will all go into my border blocks.
I ordered Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins book "Curl Up With Quilts" because they have a cute Schnauzer pattern to include our little furry kids. I think they will be playing hide and seek in the flower beds. My dream "gate" is at the end of the sidewalk. I always wanted a scalloped gate with a heart opening, because I want to hang bells in the heart. Well I can do it in a quilt even if I can't have one for real!
My favorite hand painted sandals are black with cherries ( a tribute to Mary Lou ). My capris will be bright prints.


  1. I have no idea what you are doing either but I will be waiting to see it when it's done. I already know it will be A WORK OF ART. Trish

  2. You are a very good sketcher there Collen!
    Going to look at your progress on this now... 8-)


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