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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jenny's Fan Club Quilt

Today marks 9 years since my darling niece Jennifer age 26 was killed in an arson fire in Oklahoma City. I made Jenny's Fan Club quilt for my dear sister Janeen to honor the wonderful memories of Jenny's short life.
She was very active in cheerleading, debate and everything at her high school. At age 5 she was the cheerleading mascot with long blond ponytails and blue and white uniform and pom poms. The blue and white fabrics represent all her cheerleading pictures. The Angel block in the center medallion is our Jen Jen. All the fans represent all of her fan club, her family who supported her in all she did, her achievements were many.
In Sept 2000 she moved to Oklahoma City as manager of Estee Lauder at Crossroads Mall. A very big step for only 26 yrs old. She had only lived away from home for 28 days when a crazy arsonist threw a bomb in the breezeway under her apartment where she lived with her 2 little dogs, Emmy and Chloe.
Our lives were changed from that moment on, but God has held my sister and all of us in His Everlasting Arms to bring us through each day.
The memories that were brought to my mind throughout the piecing of her Fan Club quilt have been very touching and close to me heart.

I have entered it in a quilt show this weekend and hope it brings a lot of smiles and hope to all of us.


  1. How very sad for your sister, you, and all your family. I had a niece Jenny also who died nine years ago. But she had cancer. She was 42. Here mother (my sister) is named Joanne. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. Saying a prayer for you.

  2. WOW!! Aunt "C", Jenny loves all the sweet things you say!! Love sissy

  3. Colleen what a beautiful quilt. Such a very sad story, my heart aches for your sister and family.
    Much love in that quilt. My condolences.


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